Manage your team in the field with higher efficiency and faster response

Crowd management at large scale events requires speed, efficiency and team play. antavi supports safety personell and crowd managers with a mobile solution to manage their teams at highest precision and speed at reduced costs. Command and control software for everyone. We offer a web-based command and control software paired with a smartphone app for units in the field.

Native Android and iOS application for units

Every unit equipped with a smartphone see's the current status of the event. The app is made with simplicity in mind, requires no extra briefing and is optimized to the crowd management process. Units can communicate with other units or the crowd manager, capture incidents or dispatch warnings on a map for fastest response.



Ultra Fast Onboarding

Simplicity is key. Add a new member in no time to your team. Remotely in the browser via phone number or in person just scan a QR-Code.

Interactive Map

Communicate through the map: Annotate quickly incidents on a map and notify personell or receive alarms for fast response with an unmet situational awareness.

Rich group chat

Communicate with your team in the field, send instructions and receive situational pictures and live video.

GPS tracking

Instantly see the location of you team members on a map.

Share information

Share mission information with your partners, e.g. organizer, police, emergency responders

Automatic documentation

Every incident is logged, every response time.


Don't believe us. Believe our customers.

Our solutions have been used in more than 25 events ranging from 100.000 to one million daily visitors. Events include all major events in Zürich such as the Formula E Prix or the Streetparade, public events across Switzerland as well as the world's largest beer festival the Octoberfest in Munich. See what our customers say:

With the crowdspotter app for our team units we were able to make observations in realtime in the command and control center and to control the crowd flows in an optimal way.

Linus Eberhard Linus Eberhard about the app for field units Commander, Crowd Control

Based on the analysis of the crowd behavior during the Züri Fäscht 2013, hotspots could be identified that have been considered in the planning of the edition in 2016. Thereby we have been able to remove hotspots and achieve a safer event.

Roland Stahel Roland Stahel about the crowd behavior analytics CEO, Zürcher Events

Using the central operation and controlling solution, we were able to quickly inform visitors through app and public displays about the current situation and dispatch safety relevant alerts increasing the safety of the event.

Adrian Zemp Adrian Zemp about the Command and Control Interface Head Crowd Management, City Police Zürich

Seeing the crowd density heatmap in realtime, allowed us to dispatch field units on demand, capture the situation for reporting and dispose personnel as efficiently as possible.

Theo Flacher Theo Flacher about the real time crowd monitoring Operation Control, Protection & Rescue