Sense your crowd and receive real-time feedback on crowd density.

Close the knowledge gap and know how the crowd is behaving. With our unique solution for crowd behavior analytics, you can identify hotspots, critical crowd dynamics in realtime with a bird's eye perspective. The technology has been developed togehter with top researchers at ETH Zürich, and practicitioners and successfully used in planning and execution of the largest events in Europe. This product requires the antaviSDK for Android or iOS.


The crowd with a birds eye

Using a web-based frontend you can see the crowd dynamics such as density in real time. As web application it can be run on any computer, iPad or even a smartphone. All you need is a web connection to our antaviCloud. After the event you can replay the crowd situation on a minute basis and visualize additional parameters. Examples, include hotspots with recurring densities, averages of direction and velocity of the crowd dynamics.


The antaviSDK for Android and iOS

Crowd sensing is based on the antaviSDK which can be easily integrated into event apps (see for developers). Using a variety of sensors it captures and pre-aggregates the location and activity of users and transmits in configurable intervals to the antaviCloud. Using our behavior analytics algorithms we aggregate visitor data to crowd dynamics. The antaviSDK has been successfully used in SRFBewegt, Züri Fäscht with more than 90.000 users for realtime behavior capturing.


The antaviSDK for Android and iOS is in just one word: easy

We ship the antaviSDK precompiled as library or framework. A few lines of code and a few parameters in a configuration file are sufficient. Documentation will be available soon.

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