The crowd with a birds eye

The crowd does not always follow the plan. With us organizers and crowd managers obtain an unpreceded bird’s eye view to react swiftly to the changes: more safety, more comfort, a better experience of visitors. Our web-based dashboard visualizes important factors of the crowd dynamics in real time.


The antaviSDK for Android and iOS

Our Insights software senses user location. It can be integrated into the official event mobile app or city app. The technology is the most power-efficiently in the market and allows 100s of thousands of users to share their location seamlessly in real time. Our software is GDPR-compliant with the user in full control of his data.


From a GPS point to insight

We developed an engine to process GPS data into actionable information. To this end a machine learning based algorithm makes use of a stack of big data repositories. This architecture allows delivering insights to use cases in travel medicine, public transit, event management, or tourism. All in real time. Accessed through our analytics dashboard.


Easy Integration

Easy integration with just two lines of code for any Android or iOS App.

Mobility metrics

Understand urban transit in details with metrics such as OD-matrix, modal split, network occupation

Foot fall analysis

Understand which places are mostly frequented, the residing times and how visitors experience your city and learn to improve your offer.

Geo-relevant notification

Inform your app users with relevant context-sensitive information.

Capacity alerts

With our AI-supported capacity measurement, you can immediately see when zones are getting too crowded

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