SRF bewegt

Over 1 Million kilometers in just a week

During the "SRF Bewegt" event in June 2015, antavi's mobile sensing technology captured over 1 Million kilometers of 100'000 swiss radio listeners. The goal of the event that was organized and promoted by radio SRF was to activate as many listeners as possible to collectively move switzerland. Central to the story was our smartphone app that measured daily activity in from of steps taken and tracked distance.

The app not only allowed users to compare themselves to the average user in their canton and whole switzerland, but also to create or join groups to engage their friends, colleagues and family members. The app was accompanied with an SRF online portal which featured all event news, stories and also integrated an interactive real-time map of the current average movement of each canton in switzerland.


  • Title: SRF bewegt
  • Client: Swiss Broadcasting Corporation
  • Skills: Mobile Activity Tracking App
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