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antavi Ops for better team coordination

Managing safety at mega events requires agility, efficiency and team play. Antavi supports safety providers with an app-based solution to manage teams at highest precision and reduced costs. Teams can be formed quickly and coordinated efficiently.

Made for crowd and disaster management, the system can be learned quickly and be operational within minutes from any mobile phone, tablet or web browser on your desktop.

  • Interactive Map

  • Simple Reporting

  • Efficient Communication

  • Real-time Analytics

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    See Who is Where

    Follow locations of your team members in real-time and dispatch geo-referenced messages to them.

Selected References

antavi Ops supports Europe's largest events. Our solutions have been used in more than 25 events ranging from 100.000 to one million daily visitors. Events include all major events in Zürich such as the Formula E-Prix or the Streetparade, public events across Switzerland as well as the world's largest beer festival - the Oktoberfest in Munich.



Over 6 million visitors, Munich



Over 2.5 million visitors, Zurich



Over 1 million visitors, Zurich

  • linus_eberhard

    With antavi Ops we are informed in real time about all incidents in the operations center and can optimize the use of our resources.

    Linus Eberhard
    COO - DELTAgroup