Effortless mission command

Manage your team in the field with higher efficiency and faster response.

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Plan your mission with ease

Prepare your mission in just a few steps using your web browser. Mark important landmarks and areas to guide your team.

Define access rights and grant team members access via QR-Code. As no additional user management is needed, this saves you tons of time in administration.


On-board your team quickly

In just three steps you become a member of your team. Scan the access QR-code, enter your name and read the mission briefing.


Report incidents efficiently

Reduce valuable communication time to a minimum. No more complicated explanation of incidents and locations via radio. Follow team activity with ease in the command and control dashboard and never loose sight of any open case.




Interactive Map

Follow locations of your team members in real-time and dispatch geo-referenced messages to them. See where messages and pictures were taken.


Geo Chat

Receive messages, points of interests and situational pictures from your personnel in the field via the chat. By this you avoid ambiguous radio communication and document your communication at the same time.


Customized Reports

Adjust the reporting forms to your needs and manage your cases with less friction. Standardized reports help you to archive your mission timeline and are exportable to PDF documents.


Event Editor

Easy editing of the perimeter. Mark important landmarks and areas to guide your team. Additional import and export functions allow integration of own material.


Efficient On-boarding

Add a new member in no time to your team. With a simple scan, team members gain access and are ready to go.


Real-time Analytics

Analyse you on-going or past operations to optimize your missions.

  • linus_eberhard

    With antavi Ops we were informed in real-time in the command and control center allowing us to control the crowd flows in an optimal way.

    Linus Eberhard
    COO - DELTAgroup