antavi Crowd Insights

a live view of your crowd

The crowd with a birds eye

The crowd does not always follow the plan. With us organisers and crowd managers obtain an unprecedented bird’s eye view to react swiftly to the changes: more safety, more comfort, a better experience of visitors. Our web-based dashboard visualises important factors of the crowd dynamics in real time.


How does it work?

Our insights software senses user location. It can be integrated into the official event mobile app or city app. The technology is the most power-efficiently in the market and allows 100s of thousands of users to share their location seamlessly in real time. Our software is GDPR-compliant with the user in full control of his data.


End-to-end crowd analytics

We have developed an engine to process GPS data into actionable information. To this end a machine learning based algorithm makes use of a stack of big data repositories. This architecture allows delivering insights to use cases in travel medicine, public transit, event management or tourism. All in real time. Accessed through our analytics dashboard.



Based on the analysis of the crowd behavior during the Züri Fäscht 2013, hotspots could be identified that have been considered in the planning of the edition in 2016. Thereby we have been able to remove hotspots and achieve a safer event.

Roland Stahel about the crowd behavior analytics
CEO, Zürcher Events

Seeing the crowd density heatmap in realtime, allowed us to dispatch field units on demand, capture the situation for reporting and dispose personnel as efficiently as possible.

Theo Flacher
Operation Control, Protection & Rescue Zürich