antavi Ops for first-aid services

Manage patient treatments and operations

Patient treatments

Capture patient treatments efficiently with antavi Ops. So that you always know where, when and how a patient was treated and on what terms he/she was released. Personal patient data is encrypted directly on the device and is thus protected from access by third parties.


Order form

If dressing material or similar should ever run out at a first-aid post, an order can be triggered directly via the adaptable order form. Orders are displayed in the web dashboard and are also sent as an e-mail to the responsible person in Logistics.



In our analytics dashboard you can intuitively see where certain treatment types occur frequently and how they develop over the course of your operation. So you always have an overview of the current situation and can coordinate your operation perfectly. All treatments can be directly exported and archived as a PDF file.


Customer Success Story

Protection & Rescue Zurich is the largest rescue organisation in Switzerland and has been certified as ≪Top Employer Switzerland≫ for 2019. Schutz & Rettung Zurich has more than 650 employees and manages approximately 2'700 militia members.

Schutz & Rettung Zürich uses SRZevent for its event services at public events in Zurich such as Streetparade, Zürich Fäscht, Ironman, Caliente, Sechseläuten and Knabenschiessen. The app is based on antavi Ops and was developed in close cooperation with Schutz & Rettung Zürich.

Patient treatments are easily captured so that live numbers are always accurate.

Dressing materials are ordered directly from the first-aid post for efficient operations.

Ongoing operations are continously controlled and optimized.



Zürich - 1'000'000 visitors


Formula-E Grand Prix Zürich

Zürich - 100'000 visitors


Züri Fäscht

Zürich - 2'500'000 visitors

  • basil_bruehlmann

    SRZevent enables the command stand to track the situation at the first-aid posts in real time with a completely digital patient record and much more.

    Basil Brühlmann
    Departement head - Schutz & Rettung Zürich